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pause, breath & enjoy to the fullest - the arrival of your priceless gift.

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Capture what matters the most

Your baby’s oh-so newborn phase (first 2 weeks) is like no other period. They ooze freshness & exquisite beauty in the way they sleep, curl, yawn, smile & pout. This time of their life story – deserved to be told.

New Born Baby

Experience a heart-led newborn photo session

The word rush will not go well with the newborn session. We have to go by the baby’s lead and cue. I schedule one session per day to accommodate patience, wonder, love and mindful time for all of us.


Take away spectacular images

My meticulously planned workflow and years of experience in soothing techniques will not only comfort your baby but will also bring out an awe-inspiring newborn gallery for your family.

Best Time to Photograph Newborns is when they are 6 to 12 days new


Newborn Photography sessions are held at my studio, Banaswadi, Bangalore.

Called as a ‘Home away from home’ by our dear clients, our home studio is an ideal haven, extremely safe for you and your precious newborn. Our unique home studio concept provides you an experience of home environment with full privacy as well as equipped with world class professional newborn studio facilities.

Our studio cupboards hoard an array of high-end fabrics and props from newborn photography speciality vendors all over the globe.

Much of what I believe as a clean space goes beyond physical cleanliness. Besides excellent hygiene, plenty of sunlight and open windows, my conscious effort to keep this place brimming with positive energy makes for a peaceful, calm & happy Environment.

Can’t wait to meet you here in my sacred space!

When should you book ?

Newborn sessions tend to fill up fast. Hence, I recommend you to book your session atleast 2 months in advance to your due date. As we cannot predict the exact due date, your advance booking allows me to prioritise your date over the other clients who booked late. We will schedule your session a week after the baby is born so that we don’t miss to capture your baby’s pure magical days.

When you book the session, I will take your latest due date as my guiding point for scheduling your session. But if needed, I am happy to change your session date according to your actual delivery.

Please go through the Frequently Asked Questions questions below.
Fill out the contact form.
I will get back to you with availability and booking details.

Frequently asked questions

Once you book, how do we schedule your Newborn session?

At the time of booking, I will take your latest due date as my guiding point.
Notify me if there is a change in your initial due date.
Inform me as soon as your Baby is born.
We will prioritise to schedule your Newborn session within 2 weeks of Baby’s age based on mutual consent.

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  • My newborn sessions are solely baby driven. As with every niche of photography, newborn portrait shoots has its own challenges hence the entire workflow is designed keeping the comfort and safety of the baby as paramount.
  • We usually schedule the session in their second week, because in this time period the babies are most likely asleep for a long time, less alert/active and super curled up.
  • I will help you prepare for your session by providing you with a newborn session prep guide and a pre-consultation phone call. Each aspect of the session is thoroughly planned to get the desired output within the best possible time. Being a photographer my skill and experience goes into these and much more.
  • My foremost responsibility as a newborn photographer is to be extremely gentle with handling and caring for the little beings. So the session planning is intervened with all the required safety precautions needed while setting up the shoot and posing the delicate babies.
  • With the young babies who are only days old, all we can expect them to do is sleep, eat and repeat. As new parents, the first few weeks could be very overwhelming and even unglamorous
    for you in many ways.
  • Nevertheless, it is my job to depict a glimpse of marvel in the final images – that you and your family definitely feel every time you hold your precious little baby.


I recommend to do the newborn photoshoot of your baby when they are between 6-12 days of age due to following reasons;

  • Reason 1: Newborns are comfortable in that magical womb position under two weeks of their birth. We can capture those sweet curled up poses of fresh newborn look without disturbing the baby.
  • Reason 2: They are small and flexible enough to want to be wrapped up and content in a strangers arms.
  • Reason 3: During the first few days you would probably be dealing with sleep deprivation, constant feeding, crying, cuddling, family visits or in the hospital. So probably not a good time for a photoshoot.
  • Reason 4: By the end of first week feeding and sleeping routine will be set. So they tend to get into deep sleep and wake up only for feeding. A week old baby goes to sleep in a relatively short time when swaddled/soothed.
  • Reason 5: Usually around Day 10 newborns are back to their birth weight even if they lost a little weight in the first week of life. If the newborn has jaundice during second or third day it usually goes away within 10 days.
  • Reason 6: The newborns umbilical cord stump dries and falls off in one or two weeks after birth. So less of a discomfort for the baby while posing.
  • Reason 7: After the 2 weeks time, babies are harder to settle and things like colic and baby acne can start to flare up.

That being said every baby is different and it depends on their individual growth speed and sleeping pattern it is all about finding what works for the baby during the session. So for any reasons if you miss this window of time, the newborn images will still be possible in the first eight weeks with some swaddling and adorable awake newborn images.

If you are ready to book kindly fill in the form in the contact page. You can also use the form to ask away your questions, if any. I will get back with clarifications, available dates and booking details.

  • I am used to handling newborns as young as 6 days to 60 days of age. I have been doing newborn sessions from the past 4 years and my sessions are thoroughly baby led. While posing the baby I move them slowly and carefully giving them enough room to wiggle and adjust.
  • It is relatively easier to pose babies who are only 6 to 12 days of age when they are still super curly and pliable (and can replicate the womb post effortlessly)
  • Not every baby react in the same way to a particular pose. If I feel the baby is uncomfortable then that is my cue to stop the pose and move onto the next pose. I choose and use certain posing and wrapping techniques which are specifically designed for newborn safety and or used by the newborn photographers across the globe on an every day basis.

Yes. I provide all the necessary fabrics, rompers, props & accessories needed for the baby

I would recommend you to book the session with me at least 2 months in advance. Advance booking will let us plan your session in a better way. As we cannot correctly predict the exact delivery date, your advance booking allows me to prioritise your date over the other clients who booked late. I take only minimum no. of newborn shoots in a month to accommodate change in delivery dates and to maintain a high quality of work.

So for any reasons if you can book the session only after the baby is born, you can do so based on the session availability.

We can do newborn photoshoots upto 2 months of baby’s age. Wrapped poses along with some adorable awake shots will mostly work for this age. But know that we may not be able to get the same kind of curled ups poses when they are as young as one week.

Premature babies are newborns that are born more than 3 weeks earlier than their estimated due date. It is wise to ensure that your baby stays at home for the first few weeks after birth because your preemie’s immunity may be low at this stage.

For us, photographing a preemie is no different than photographing any other newborn. But we need to ensure if your baby require any special care during the session. No matter in which week (Preferably within 2 months) you choose to opt for newborn session, we can have some stunning photos taken. It is most likely for a preemie to be more curly and sleepy even when they are 1 month old.

You can look to schedule a newborn session when they are 1 – 2 months old, provided the baby’s developing normally and has no underlying medical conditions.

Yes. You can choose the set-ups for your photo session. Please refer to our Gallery page here. You can also refer to our  images from this website and my instagram page.

We offer plenty of setups. Please refer to the Gallery page here along with our instagram page.

I will follow your baby’s lead and will not force them to a particular pose. Not all babies like certain poses, but I promise I will do the best I can.

The actual session time varies from baby to baby depending on their feeding time and how sensitive & old they are. The time given in the package is only indicative and the actual time may be less or more.

COVID-19 guidelines for photoshoots at our home studio:

We understand the desire to photograph your baby during these times as a Newborn baby is always a reason to celebrate! We want to ensure you are able to capture this special time in your life.

However, we have some new home studio guidelines. Please know that as your newborn photographer, my highest priority is the safety of your baby, you & your family.

As of October 2021, Me and my assistant are fully vaccinated.

Photography session schedule:
Photo sessions will be limited to one photoshoot per day and at least 48 hours gap between 2 photo sessions

Routine environmental cleaning:
Fewer photo sessions and scheduling will allow sufficient time to sanitize photographic equipment, all hard surfaces and common areas after each photography session. All the props and fabrics are cleaned and sanitized before use.

Studio ventilation:
Photography studio is very well ventilated with plenty of sunlight and open windows.

Feeling sick:
Minimizing Covid-19 spread in community is everyone’s responsibility. Though it can sometimes be a bit of an inconvenience for clients, I will reschedule a session if me or my family members are not in perfect health. Babies safety is most important to me! If anyone in your family feel unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms please reschedule the session. Failure to do this may put yourself or someone else at risk.

Other Important Protocols:

(i) Show proof of vaccination from both our ends.
(ii) Ask to reschedule the session if you or other family members are not well.
(iii) Only immediate family members are advised to be present.
(iv) Temperature checks upon your arrival.
(v) Remove shoes at the entrance.
(vi) All of us must wear masks.
(vii) Hand wash for 20+ seconds with soap and water.
(viii) Avoid handshakes and hugs upon arriving and leaving.

Yes, you can buy 3 edited digital images for  an additonal cost of 5k.

Yes, you can buy 3 edited digital images for  an additonal cost of 5k for one set of Grandparents.

Yes, you can buy 3 edited digital images for  an additonal cost of 5k.

For Twins, there will be an additional cost of 50% of the Newborn package price.

No. The editing is part of my process and the unique style that you see in my final images. Raw images from the session are not part of any package. However, you can buy extra edited images (if any) from the session at an additional cost.

Yes. Newborn sessions are also available at the convenience of your home (within Blr) at an additional cost. Lets chat for more.

I understand, few new moms & dads have difficulties in convincing their family for a newborn photoshoot. Your family may be concerned about your young baby’s safety. It is a new field of expertise not many people heard of and their concerns are perfectly alright. So what can you do?

1. Show them my work so that they would know what you all get out of this.

2. Explain to them my expertise and experience in this field and why am I here for i.e. not only to get you brilliant images but also give master care for your infant during the session.

Yes, I take up maternity photoshoots.

Yes, I take up sitter sessions for babies between 6-10 months of their age.

Yes, I offer beautiful archival quality  prints in 5 x 7 size and handcrafted premium albums in 9 x 9 and 12 x 12  sizes. These prints and albums are optional and based on your requirements you can buy them separately.

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