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Hello, beautiful!

I essentially stepped into photography as a way to escape to an alternate reality, a place where I can experience larger than life existence. And becoming a newborn baby photographer gave me everything that I hoped for and MUCH more.

The more magic I created ( in the form of images) the more it dawned on me deeply, that I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find joy, it is right here in THIS moment

– all I have to do is to change MY perspective


All of my life’s indelible experiences led me to become a creative. All the time spent in doodling, drawing, styling, creating & day dreaming led me to become a photographer My constant search for meaning through the view finder made me what I am today.

Being a cancerian moon, I have an innate need to NURTURE and protect. What other great job could I have ended up with to secretly use my inborn abilities to pursue a TRUE CALLING

The amplified lunar qualities of emotion & empathy makes me not only the photographer who values connection but the best caretaker you would’ve ever come across for your baby.

My work is an ode to the purest beings on earth… Newborns!

Other Interests

  • Yoga
  • Dance

Newly found Joys

  • Breathwork
  • ‘On the spot’ Gratitude
  • Skygazing with my son

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