What is DEAR?

July 14, 2021


What is DEAR?

DEAR is Drop Everything And Realign.
A holistic educational space for photographers. Under this space you will find me sharing my skill, experience and wisdom I’ve harnessed over the years.

I have created this platform to empower you – the photographers – to make you familiarise with not only the aspects of photography but also with self-work which fuels it.

And why is that?

I am a firm believer in holistic approach to work, education and to personal life. Practicing holistic living let us arrive at our major decisions by looking at a bigger picture rather than being overwhelmed by day-to-day challenges. This approach has made me lead a peaceful life and also set me on a path to a fulfilling one.

The absolute truth is – the art that you create is only as good as YOU.
What you create comes from who you are! Your life experiences, your background, your beautiful qualities, your immediate environment everything matters. Every single thing that makes up you, makes your art. Taking your personal hardship in a stride and overcoming it is the shortest way to improve your art.

So, What will DEAR focus on ?

(I) Technical and practical aspects of photography as well as
(ii) Inner work for emotional and mental well-being

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